Because she uses 100% natural light, sessions are held in the morning or early evening. Only one reservation is booked per day to keep the attention dedicated on your personal session. There is no time limit to ensure your comfort and relaxation. Keep clothing simple by avoiding heavy prints or patterns near your face. This will help keep the focus on your subject as opposed to distracting clothing / colors, etc. Don't overthink your photo day. If a hair is out of place, a tooth has fallen out or a mood is less than favorable, sometimes these details alone can yield more authentic results that are reflective of the real family moments you want to remember.

In home sessions tend to be the most intimate. Dina believes that in staying within your own space, it captures the real feel of you in your unique space. Outdoor sessions can also be a beautiful approach as you may prefer the look of a beach, park, etc. Ask for location ideas and don't hesitate to suggest any places you may recommend.